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Dutch Language Classes is a project to coach expats in Leuven to use Dutch more fluently and effectively so they can evolve in their jobs using the language in any situation they need.

After being raised in Flanders and having studied law and marketing, David Swartenbroekx chose to follow his true calling and became a language learning trainer and coach.
He worked for years for big training companies in Brussels, helping out hundreds of expats or French speaking people to use Dutch in their professional life. He developed himself as an Accelerated Learning specialist and authored a number of articles about stimulating and effective learning techniques. He teaches now in two schools in and around Leuven, facilitates in company and private language trainings and trains other trainers to use more stimulating and effective techniques.
This background David uses entirely to deliver tailor-made language trainings to help you boost your Dutch.


“At the beginning I roughly spoke two words of Dutch and I tried to help myself with French.  Now I am able to read De Standaard and to discuss about actual topics in Dutch.”
(Markus W. – see the testimonial)


Due to his academic and entrepreneurial background, his experience in learning, training and coaching and his large network of international contacts, he knows the best what to do help foreign people that come to Belgium and Flanders to acquire a proficient level in Dutch in a short time. His biggest passion stays helping people to grow and achieve their goals while enjoying the process of learning.


“Every lesson was something new – they were exciting. The way David uses his teaching abilities is one of a kind”.(Jessica K. – see the testimonial)


Although Dutch Language Classes is based in Leuven and most of our clients now live there, they come from all possible countries. They can be individuals as well as companies our institutions. What they have in common is that they experienced the need of improving their Dutch to get their professional life in Belgium to the next step.

Effective learning and working with a coach also presupposes a certain click between the leaner and the trainer. That’s why we first have a free half an hour preliminary meeting. During this time the client can get an idea of what he can expect, preexisting levels can be determined, goals van be set and agenda’s can be fixed.

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