Your name: Jessica K.

Your age: 26 – 30

Your mother tongue: English

Your profession: Client advisor

Month(s) and year you took the training: September – November 2013



Specific personal challenge you wanted to work on during the training:
Improve my understanding and speaking ability of the Dutch language.

Specific professional challenge you wanted to work on during the training:
Communicating with colleagues and clients.


What was the result of the course you participated in?:
A fun and interesting way to learn a new language and communicate with others.

How did Dutch Language Classes help you to make progress on your challenge during the training?:
I was able to expand my vocabulary, understand the sentence structure, and develop new understanding of the language.


How would you describe the training style of Dutch Language Classes?:
David made every day interesting and exciting. We played games, talked about ourselves, and took a genuine interest in me as a student.

What do you find unique in the Dutch Language Classes approach?:
How fun and interactive the learning process was.

Why should other Dutch language trainees decide to work with Dutch Language Classes?:
Every lesson was something new – they were exciting. The way David uses his teaching abilities is one of a kind.

Your recommendation:
I would recommend David as a language teacher, not only for his brilliant teaching method, but because he really cares about your learning experience.