Customer testimonial – Mara P.


Your name: Mara P.

Your age: 26 – 30

Your mother tongue: Hungarian

Your profession: Architect

Month(s) and year you took the training: 04/2017 – 06/2017



Specific personal challenge you wanted to work on during the training:
Better speaking Dutch

Specific professional challenge you wanted to work on during the training:
Practicing for job interview



What was the result of the course you participated in?:
Improved vocabulary, easy having conversations

How did Dutch Language Classes help you to make progress on your challenge during the training?:
Practiced with a native speaker different topics


How would you describe the training style of Dutch Language Classes?:
Visual demonstration, Q&A discussion, presentation of information, and practice

What do you find unique in the Dutch Language Classes approach?:
The flexibility, the way they engage with students

Why should other Dutch language trainees decide to work with Dutch Language Classes?:
Because it has a friendly environment while you get good and fast result.

Your recommendation:
Highly recommend David for his flexibility, good collaboration and professionalism