Your name: Markus W.

Your age: 36 – 40

Your mother tongue: German

Your profession: Finance

Month(s) and year you took the training: 04/2016-11/2016



Specific personal challenge you wanted to work on during the training:
Getting in touch with the Dutch language

Specific professional challenge you wanted to work on during the training:
Be able to communicate with Dutch speaking colleagues. Doing small talk.



What was the result of the course you participated in?:
At the beginning I roughly spoke two words of Dutch and I tried to help myself with French. During the training we discussed politics and economics and so I learned a lot of vocabulary. Now I am able to read De Standaard and to discuss about actual topics in Dutch.

How did Dutch Language Classes help you to make progress on your challenge during the training?:
Discussing a lot helped me to increase my vocabulary each week. The trainer always encouraged me to try out. The mix of the training between small games, articles and discussion helped me to learn Dutch while having fun.


How would you describe the training style of Dutch Language Classes?:
The trainer takes into account the needs and the background of the student. He is always asking for feedback and adapts quickly his teaching. Very variable and individual.

What do you find unique in the Dutch Language Classes approach?:
Beside learning Dutch it was also for me a possibility to discover Belgian culture and to get a better understanding about it.

Why should other Dutch language trainees decide to work with Dutch Language Classes?:
Because it is very efficient, constructive and at the same time it’s a lot of fun.

Your recommendation:
Try it out and learn a lot.