Your name: Matti J.

Your age: 36-40

Your mother tongue: Finnish

Your profession: Brand Designer

Month(s) and year you took the training: July – October 2015



Specific challenge you wanted to work on during the training:
To get some efficient discussion practise – after several levels of large group studying which tends to offer insufficient chances to talk.



Solution offered:
Very small group training (only 2 students) in form of discussing prepared material, free discussion, games and describing professional projects in Dutch. Also being directed to Dutch language professional news sites, and even literature, in my own field.



What was the result of the course you participated in?:
Certainly gained fluency and confidence by talking a lot while being simultaneously corrected. Learned extra vocabulary and expressions in my own professional field.

How did Dutch Language Classes help you to make progress on your challenge during the training?:
By being encouraging, always providing new types of inspiring input & tips on how to find new good material and learn more.



How would you describe the training style of Dutch Language Classes?:
Well planned and totally tailored to individual needs – but always keeping the atmosphere relaxed and informal.

What do you find unique in the Dutch Language Classes approach?:
Very flexible approach, really choosing the topics of exercises to stay close to students’ own professional field & interests. Pleasant-yet-professional teaching style!

Why should other Dutch language trainees decide to work with Dutch Language Classes?:
To get highly tailored & professional training which encourages – but remorselessly corrects mistakes at the same time.

Your Recommendation:
If you feel that you could do with more personal training than those provided by big institutions, give David a call & he’ll find a solution for you!