Your name: Nina S.

Your age: 26-30

Your mother tongue: Greek

Month(s) and year you took the training: 01/10/2015 currently still taking courses



Specific challenge you wanted to work on during the training:
One of the biggest challenges for me is using correct formation of the sentences (catapults, reversions) and becoming more confident in using the new vocabulary and the one I already know. I also had to learn some specific scientific terminology that I have to use for my research with patients and that was a pretty scary task.



Solution offered:
During the classes there is more emphasis put on all the above mentioned aspects. The classes were also adjusted to the specific scientific terminology that I needed to learn for my work and that was amazingly helpful.


What was the result of the course you participated in?:
We always work more on the issues that are challenging for me and with feedback and encouragement there is fast progress.

How did Dutch Language Classes help you to make progress on your challenge during the training?:
Friendy, relaxed and positive/encouraging environment.



How would you describe the training style of Dutch Language Classes?:
Friendy, relaxed and positive/encouraging environment.

What do you find unique in the Dutch Language Classes approach?:
I really like the fact that the classes are many times combined with board/card games. This makes the learning process fun, easy, fast and relaxing, especially after a long day at work.

Why should other Dutch language trainees decide to work with Dutch Language Classes?:
Because it works and they would be surprised how fast and easy they would improve their Dutch!

Your Recommendation:
If you want to learn or improve fast and easy your Dutch you should definitely enroll for classes in the DutchLanguageClasses!