Dutch e-learning and blended learning

Dutch e-learning and blended learning refer to the use of online tools to improve your Dutch. Since Dutch Language Classes is dedicated to the improvement of your Dutch we offer both of the formulas.

In the last years many e-learning tools were developed. In our article about FREE Dutch e-learning tools you will find a selection of FREE quality e-learning tools our students are the most enthusiastic about. You are free to use them as much as you want.

Blended learning helps you to overcome the biggest problem people have with e-learning. It doesn’t motivate the learner to use it regularly. That’s why this formula combines the e-learning with regular coachings. This way you choose the topics that are the most interesting for you and we will help you to get through them and hold on. At regular times we meet, we check your progress, adapt the program if necessary and keep you oriented towards your goal. This way our blended learning formula combines the advantages of e-learning with the advantages of face to face learning with a trainer to make your Dutch learning as successful as possible.
The blended learning formulas can combine e-learning with real life contact with a trainer or Skype sessions according to your needs.

Fill in the contact form and get half an hour of preliminary training for FREE. This is an ideal way to start your Dutch e-learning or blended learning with a plan and lots of motivation.


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