Dutch Language Certificates

Whenever someone would need to improve the Dutch language for professional purposes like getting a new job, being promoted or obtaining a higher salary, an official certificate of the level obtained is required. We have years of experience of training and coaching people to get there and we have developed  some some programs for you to obtain Dutch language certificates.

Doing an official language exam is not always the easiest. It requires two aspect to be under control. On the on hand, the active level of the language has to be adequate and, on the other hand, one has to feel comfortable enough to use it in a conversation and sometimes even in written.
It means that training for that has to be adapted to this purpose.

In general, in Flanders two Dutch language certificates are the most common. There are tests organized by SELOR or ITNA.
The SELOR language test organized by the recruitment agency of the federal government has to be passed by everyone working at this organization. Other organizations sometimes use the test as their reference as well. There are written and oral tests on different levels varying from very doable to stress indulging.
ITNA is the interuniversity language test for foreigners. Since they only provide certifications for the levels B2 and C1, an intensive immersion course will mostly be needed. Dutch Language Classes helps here to build up a natural feeling routine and to gradually expand the vocabulary to make this test a success.

Dutch Language Classes build up a broad range of exercises and conversation topics that will help to get an almost unfair advantage on others. Our clients succeed in their test and besides their own learning, this has as well to do with the exercises they made and recognize on their test or with the conversation topic that has been rehearsed and now feels as a walk through the park or with the reassurance they needed to control their stress level before getting there.


“Ik ben geslaagd voor de examens (85% en 60%) en voel me comfortabeler in het Nederlands.”
(Caroline R. – see the testimonial)


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