Over the years Dutch Language Classes build a strong base of very loyal customers. They can be individuals, companies or even institutions but what they have in common is that they work or live in Flanders and need a more profound knowledge of the Dutch language to achieve their professional goals.
Most of them already took some traditional Dutch lesson in schools but at a certain point this is no longer worth the effort them. It is hard to combine a working day with taking (evening) classes without having a real opportunity to experiment with the language and test it. Dutch Language Classes helps them to further perfection the basis they learned and aims it on their goals using a conversation based method a language training.


“If you feel you got several Dutch diplomas but don’t really speak the language then it may be time to consider another type of training like this one.”
(Roland P. & Caro R. – see the testimonial)


Since we want to put all our energy in providing interesting, productive and even fun trainings we tend to keep to project local. It helps us to focus on the client’s needs instead of on planning trips around the country. That’s why we help mainly clients in Leuven or, possibly, Brussels.

A lot of our clients are referred to us by others or just renew their contracts. We think of this as the biggest compliment we can get. Since a satisfied client is also the nicest to work for, we tend to give them priority in planning our agenda.


“Very personal approach, flexible, you should not be stressed to follow the class but just enjoy learning every time something new which you can immediately start to use.”
(Esra C. – see the testimonial)


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