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Dutch Language Classes is not just a school. We’re not for everyone. Taking intensive Dutch classes that really make you speak requires a certain background.
Off course, we will help you with all your questions, whether they’re grammatical or more focused on how to put a certain nuance in something you say but you have to be able to understand and respond in Dutch.

We often get the question where to learn the very basics of the language.

The answer varies a little from person to person but in general we can say that it is important to take some lessons at a Dutch language learning school. There are quite some of them in Leuven so we list here the most important for you.

  • The KU Leuven Language institute (ILT) is one of the top schools to learn Dutch in Leuven. Established by the KU Leuven it is somehow a little academical. That’s why some of the students choose for the second one in this list after having taken ILT courses for a while.
  • One of the schools that aims more on learning Dutch to function better at work or to integrate in Flanders is Mobyus. It is the former Groep T that has been reorganized and partly renamed.
  • At CVO (the center for adult education) you will find a wide variety of levels of Dutch courses and even some thematical courses (e.g. get your driving licence in Dutch). Regularly a new course starts.

Be aware of the fact that taking Dutch classes in these schools is quite popular. As a result you might end up on a waiting list. It is important to decide and enroll in time.

Because these schools start at the very first level and presuppose no background knowledge (for the first levels), they are the place to be for newcomers to acquire basics in Dutch. After a while some of the students feel they need a breakthrough to the next level to actively start speaking the language. In extra, the combination of a daytime work and taking classes in the evening sometimes gives the impression of needing another approach. That’s when people contact Dutch Language Classes. We will help you to activate the knowledge you built up, we will perfection it with you and train you to actively use the language. Multiply your options in Flanders, whether it is to find a new job, to communicate with your Dutch manager, to get a promotion, to be able to help your children to do their homework or just to impress your Dutch date.

Two of our clients wrote us this:

“The middle/higher levels at Groep T and ILT were not providing us the skills that we needed for our daily life in Flanders … If you feel you got several Dutch diplomas but don’t really speak the language then it may be time to consider another type of training like the Dutchlanguageclasses general Dutch conversation trainings… Now, we feel confident to speak, even when making mistakes.”
(Roland and Caro – see the testimonial)


We can do this for you individually or in small groups, always tailored to your specific needs, place and time that are the most convenient for you.

Get half an hour of preliminary training for FREE. Just fill in the contact form or send us an e-mail (info@dutchlanguageclasses.be). We’ll organise a FREE preliminary training to check your needs together, get an idea of your background in Dutch and to fix an agenda. Although we can always switch to English when needed, we will do this meeting in Dutch and give you your first feedback.


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