Dutch trainings using Skype

Since Dutch Language Classes is a project for expats to use Dutch more effectively we want to offer you the formula that fits you and your agenda the most. That’s why we offer Dutch trainings using Skype and face to face trainings.

Our conversation trainings can be organised using Skype.
During a preliminary training we will discuss your goals with you and set up a training program. We will set some regular Skype meetings and call you on these moments. This way we can check if everything goes according to your planning, we can answer your questions, adapt the program together or just have a conversation to train your Dutch.

We would like to remind you that we also do face to face trainings on the place and time that are the most convenient for you. We even come to your favourite training place (your office, home address …) in the centre of Leuven without any extra cost.

Fill in our contact form and get a half an hour preliminary training for FREE. It is an ideal way to plan your Dutch trainings using Skype or a face to face formula.


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