Expats – get your FREE Dutch training

Are you an expat living in Flanders and still struggling to speak Dutch fluently? Then keep on reading. We’ve got a good news for you.

… And we offer you a FREE Dutch training!

Dutch Language Classes offers you conversation based Dutch trainings to make you actually SPEAK Dutch. Since 2010 we’ve been training non-native people to use Dutch like it would have been their mother tongue and with result. Our long list of testimonials is the best proof for that.

Our clients, students and trainees tell us that after a series of our trainings they feel more confident in Dutch and they use it more active.

Most of them took some Dutch lessons in what we would call “typical schools” first. They learned vocabulary and grammar there. But after a while, they all came across the same problems. First, they felt like something was withholding them from the talking. The more classes they took, the more grammar and words they knew and the more texts they’ve read but the real speaking had not happen.┬áThis is very understandable. A classical school class consists out of about 20 people and it’s almost impossible to get them all involved in a conversation. It would become total chaos, most probably. Second, they felt like loosing precious time. This as well is a normal thing when someone is working an entire day, taking classes in the evening, after coming back from a daytime of work. Realizing then that you’re not proceeding at the tempo you want can be pretty frustrating. Third, as an expat living in Flanders, they tended to feel more and more frustrated because they need to speak Dutch in the company they work in, to find a job or just to use it in Daily life in Flanders and did not feel so.

That’s why Dutch Language Classes has focused from the beginning on conversation based language trainings to get the speaking going.
We’ve made a very clear choice not be the next language school that offers lessons with vocabulary and grammar. Our students already have this background. But if someone really wants to start speak, we kick in. And we’ve got ways to make you speak!

We can do magic. However this does not happen overnight. Like every competence speaking a language is a skill that needs to be trained. If you already have some background it can go fast though.
We always offer our clients to take a package of trainings, like 6 or 8 trainings of 1,5 hours and then measure the results. And we have not yet met anyone who wasn’t impressed with the result.

We offer you the first half an hour of training for FREE!

This time we use to get an idea of your background, your goals and to come up with a plan for your training. It’s also a way to find out if there is a necessary “click” with the learner. Since we do this preliminary meeting in Dutch, it is also a first training and we won’t charge you anything for it! You can tell us about how you already got to this point, your goals, your job, your hobbies and when we decide to make further plannings, we can set up our agenda’s.

Just ask for an appointment and fill in the contact form or send us an e-mail (info@dutchlanguageclasses.be). We’ll be happy to meet you and discuss a training program … in Dutch!


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