Field trips to Flanders

To really master the Dutch language in every possible situation, the most important thing is to experiment with it in every situation, also out of a normal training context. Your Dutch will grow better and quicker from receiving feedback and adjusting to it.This is why we developed a field trip throughout Flanders formula.

You choose a location and we’ll go there together. You’ll do everything yourself in Dutch, from making possible reservations over asking for directions to ordering in a restaurant. And we’ll be your shadow. We’re near, we encourage and support you and we’ll help you out when that is needed.

This complete immersion formula will stimulate you not only to speak Dutch. You’ll start to think in it. Some of our previous clients even tell us that they started to dream in Dutch. That’s how powerful this formula is.
You’ll never think of Dutch as being difficult again, it will just have become a reflex.
It’s the crown on a successful language training.


“Great achievement! Field trips to museums, shops, tourist information points and public facilities in Leuven and Brussels were the cherry on the cake: David supported and mentored me going through ‘real life situations’.”
(Carsten K. – See the testimonial)


Dutch Language Classes - A fieldtrip to the "jenevermuseum" with a Dutch guide

Dutch Language Classes – A fieldtrip to Hasselt and the “jenevermuseum” with a Dutch guide








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