FREE Dutch e-learning tools

Nowadays many language schools offer Dutch e-learning. That counts for us too. That’s why we list here an overview of FREE e-learning tools.

In our opinion e-learning tools are great extra way to learn Dutch. However it will never replace the learning from others whether that would be a Dutch teacher or another student. The problem with e-learning is mainly the lack of human interaction and motivating capacity. We know only few people who really can start their computer every day and work on their Dutch for 2 hours without having a certain “push” to do so.

That’s why we are more fond on blended learning, i.e. a mix between e-learning and face to face learning. You do the e-learning and we coach you to stay motivated, go on and reach your goals.

The following list is a selection of both FREE and quality Dutch e-learning tools you can use in a blended learning formula:

  • Taalblad is somewhat an analytical tool but great for grammar. You can first study the rules, then make exercises about them and then you’ll get a score with the explanation why something is correct and something else is not.
    Taalblad is also good for vocabulary.


  • Nedbox is a website with newspaper-, radio- and filmfragments. After you have studied the fragment you get questions to answer. The solution is offered too.
    It’s a great tool to learn vocabulary and to train your listening comprehension.


  • Via this link you will find apps to train Dutch on your smartphone.

Of course there are many other great Dutch e-learning tools too but we just selected the ones our students are the most enthusiastic about. When you find another one and you’re thrilled about it, let us know! We always want to share your experience on this website.

As we stated before it is very hard to be and stay disciplined to do e-learning all by yourself every day, definitely when you already had to do your job first and you work on your Dutch in your free time. That’s why we offer blended learning coaching sessions. You choose what Dutch e-learning tool you want to use, together we make a program and we meet regularly to follow-up. This way we can monitor whether you are progressing as planned, adapt the planning or add face to face elements to the program. Just to make sure you keep the pace and your learning stays motivating.

Contact us for a FREE half an hour preliminary consulting and together we’ll design the best blended learning program for you!


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