General Dutch conversation training

A language is learned by using it. Although this a very simple thought and most of our clients took already some Dutch classes in other schools before they contacted us, the real learning by doing it over and over again sometimes lacks. This is why a lot of people don’t feel comfortable while using Dutch. And this will be sensed by all the conversation partners, whether the situation is private or professional. That’s when people contact us for a general conversation training.


“It works and you would be surprised how fast and easy you can improve your Dutch!”
(Nina S. – see the testimonial)


A general conversation training focuses on getting the routine of doing conversations in Dutch like you would do them in your own mother tongue. All kinds of themes can be explored, professional or private. The goal of these trainings is, above all, to give you the self-confidence you need to feel more comfortable in Dutch.


“I had a background in grammar but I couldn’t talk.
At the end of the course I was able to have a conversation with colleagues and to express my point of view.”
(Aline H. – see the testimonial)


Materials can vary from conversation card desks over films, articles or others. Vocabulary list will be made and grammar is perfected by giving positive feedback so the learner feels able and comfortable to talk.
Since every Dutch Language Class is tailor made in consultation with the client, the above mentioned list is just illustrative. All relevant vocabulary can be covered.

In many cases some general conversation trainings can already help the learner to bridge the gap between what they learned in the school and the language that can be used almost instinctively.
These general conversation trainings can be further expanded or combined with a professional or written language training.


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