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When you are an expat living in Flanders and you want to build your career here it is necessary to actively speak Dutch. In another article on this website we explained why it is so important and how speaking Dutch will multiply your options in Flanders, in your professional and personal life.
There are many ways to take a Dutch course but once your basic level of vocabulary and grammar has been built the most crucial element is starting to speak. And for a lot people this is the hardest part. That’s why you have to make use of every single resource available to you. And with a private Dutch teacher you’ve got your own magic tool to accelerate your Dutch.


“I had a background in grammar but I couldn’t talk.
At the end of the course I was able to have a conversation with colleagues and to express my point of view.”
(Aline H. – see the testimonial)


In this article we’ll give an overview of the advantages of taking a Dutch course with a private Dutch teacher we will explain how Dutch Language Classes can provide you an excellent private Dutch teacher and we’ll offer you half an hour of preliminary Dutch training for FREE.


The advantages of a private Dutch teacher

  • A private Dutch teacher is an expert

A Dutch language classes private Dutch trainer is on the first place a native speaker. Our trainers all grew up and went to school in Flanders. In extra, they studied at the university, they have their own businesses and they have been intensively trained to give lessons and trainings. Some of us give even workshops to other trainers to give more effective and interactive trainings.

Like this, your personal Dutch trainer can instinctively feel the Dutch language, its tough parts and its nuances. He doesn’t just pass that knowledge to you. Because he is also a trainer, he will come up with an exercise or an activity to make the point clear. Because if you get it yourself you probably won’t forget it anymore.


“It is really active and dynamic for the student. It is not just listening what the trainer said, student finds the right solution on his own with trainer’s help.”
(Linda V. – see the testimonial)


Because our trainers have studied here and they’ve got jobs here they are the ideal person to know which problems you can encounter. Also with this, they would love to help you out.

This makes a Dutch Language Classes private Dutch teacher the ideal person to help you to get your life in Flanders fully started.

  • A private Dutch teacher can focus on what you are struggling with

We mentioned before why a Dutch Language Classes private Dutch trainer is an expert. On top of this he can really focus on what you are struggling with. Would it be a linguistic question, he will give you an answer so you can go on, would that be a frequently re-occuring mistake, he will bring you in the same situation again and again he’ll be there next to you so you can get this straight for once and for all with his tips or under his guidance. Even when you’ve got questions about how things are done in Flanders, he will give you the answer and not just give advice but even assistance when needed.
Since the training is private you can ask all the questions you ever wanted to ask and we’ll be happy to help you out with them. Compare that to a Dutch lesson in a school for a group of 20. Have you ever felt comfortable enough to ask 3 questions?

  • Your private Dutch teacher can adapt to your timeframe

Since Dutch Language Classes is not just a school but more a tailor made training or coaching project to really make you speak Dutch, we are used to adapt each time to the learner’s needs. We always take the time to understand the needs of our learners and that includes looking for the ideal timeframe to plan your Dutch Language Classes. We only work on an appointments basis but we do this in the evening or the holidays as well.
We can organise your Dutch Language Classes in our training place or come to your favourite spot, whether that’s your office or home address. When that location is in (the centre of) Leuven, we come there without any extra cost.

This also means that your personal Dutch trainer is there for you other moments. Our learners get our cell phone numbers and Skype IDs to contact us and they’re free to use them whenever needed. More than once we helped people in a situation in which they felt their Dutch was inadequate on a Saturday morning.

  • Your private Dutch teacher creates a positive environment

Being a service provider for learners in Flanders for more than a decade your private Dutch trainer knows as well that every day is not always as easy as another one. Nevertheless he knows that only way to get beyond the problem is to keep the smile on and look for a solution. This pragmatic problem solving is something typical for Flanders. Your private Dutch teacher will be there for you and will help you to solve the situation in Flanders, whether it has got to do with the language or the culture in general.

  • Your private Dutch trainer will give you continuous feedback

During the training your personal Dutch trainer will give you feedback -most of our students want to have constant feedback on everything and they’re right – but always in a constructive and positive way. He will encourage you to speak, congratulate you when you’re doing good and gently correct you, asking you to repeat it when mistakes occur. This is the best way to boost peoples joy for learning and motivate them to keep doing this.
By setting the limits a little higher each time but maintaining the positive environment we stimulate people to take the risk of actively speaking Dutch and when that’s going better, self confidence in Dutch will grow.

  • You will get improved exam scores

We also train people to obtain a Dutch language certificate and we’ve got years of experience in that. We can help you with this by determining your actual level in Dutch, looking for the language test or exam which will make you improve your Dutch in a challenging but realistic way and can assist you in preparing it.
Whether it is a written exam, an oral exam or a practical test, like giving a presentation, we’ll train you, perfection your Dutch and encourage you along the road. That’s where lessons become trainings or coachings.
Our offer

When you are an expat living in Flanders and you have already acquired a basic level in Dutch (A2 or the equivalent level 2 at Groep T) a Dutch Language Classes private Dutch teacher can help you to improve your Dutch. This is the best way to multiply your options in Flanders.

To provide you with a the best possible Dutch training completely adapted to you and your needs, a certain “click” between the learner and the trainer is needed. That’s why we offer a half an hour preliminary Dutch training completely for FREE. We’ll use that time to discuss your needs with you, come with proposals for the trainings, plan the agenda and give you some feedback on your actual level.

Just fill in the contact form or send us an e-mail ( and we’ll offer you the half an hour of training completely for FREE.


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