Holidays Dutch language schools in Leuven for 2017

When you recently started to take some Dutch language courses you might wonder if there are specific holidays for the Dutch language schools in Leuven.
For the year 2017 they are on the following dates:

  • Spring holiday: February 27th – March 5th
  • Easter holiday: April 3rd – April 17th
  • Summer holiday: July 1st – August 31st
  • Autumn holiday: October 31st – November 1st
  • Christmas holiday: December 25th – January 7 th

Apart from these long holiday times there are some Belgian or Flemish legal holidays. On these days as well most schools will not be open. For 2017, they are:

  • New Year’s Day: Sunday, January 1st
  • Easter Monday: Monday April, 17th
  • Labour day: Monday, May, 1st
  • Ascension: Thursday, May 25th
  • Pentecost Monday: Monday, June 1st
  • Belgian National Day, Friday, July, 21st
  • Assumption of Mary: Tuesday, August 15th
  • All Saint’s Day: Wednesday, November 1st
  • Armistice Day: Saturday, November 11th
  • Christmas: Monday, December 25th

Keep in mind that Belgian are also fond of making bridge days. That means that if a holiday and a weekend (or other holiday) have got one (or sometimes two) days in between them, people will make a “bridge” from one holiday to another. Subsequently, they don’t work on the day(s) in between.

Some private schools follow these same holidays as  Small private schools, held by an individual person sometimes are open on these holidays. These schools don’t always do bridge days either.

Since Dutch Language Classes is not really a school but more a Dutch training company that offers tailor made Dutch trainings, we work more on appointment basis. Having a training on a public holiday or on one of these “bridge” days is possible for us. For school holidays, Dutch Language Classes offers trainings with a special price reduction.

Just contact us and ask us about our next special holiday promotion. Fill in the contact form or sent us an e-mail. You’ll also get a half an hour preliminary training for FREE. We can use that time to set our agenda’s and give you a feedback on your current knowledge.


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