Learning Dutch in the summer

Good times have come back. It’s summer and it’s holiday. In many companies people work a little less. Some of them go on holiday and some of them stay in Belgium and some even use this time for learning Dutch.

We recently got many new applications to take an intensive Dutch course in the summer. And we are proud on this. We are proud on the trust people put in us to work with us.

Dutch Language Classes is a project to make you actually speak Dutch in order to multiply your options in Flanders. To fulfil this promise we use a lot of techniques aimed on speaking. Even when you don’t feel completely comfortable speaking Dutch we help you with this. We’ll help you with vocabulary, perfect your grammar and make you acquainted with Dutch habits. And on top of it we still cultivate the holiday feeling. Because learning Dutch is easier when everybody feels good and relax.

Our approach works. People not only tell us but the growing number of testimonials on this website proves it.

One of our students, Annie put it like this:

Specific personal challenge you wanted to work on during the training:
“Dare to speak, correct formulation of sentences”

Specific professional challenge you wanted to work on during the training:
“understand a colleague and or a meeting, speak with correct formulation of sentences”
How did Dutch Language Classes help you to make progress on your challenge during the training?:
“Group discussion on different themes, games, and vocabulary”
Your recommendation:
“I really enjoyed the course with David Swartenbroekx, I found his strategy to teach professional very interesting. easy language and complete.”
(Annie U. –
See the testimonial)

We are proud on the evolution our students can make and on our contribution to that.

There is however one big limitation to this success formula. In order to deliver a dynamic Dutch course that really makes you speak better and more confident in only a reasonable amount of time our students need a certain background of the grammar rules and the basic vocabulary. And we don’t do that. Just because there are many high quality schools in and around Leuven that make you very well familiar with the basics in Dutch. We have a list of them on this website. Just use this link to the page with Dutch schools in Leuven.

During the summer new Dutch courses are being organised on all levels. This year too ILT the KULeuven’s language centre organises intensive Dutch summer courses in August. They made a well filled programme with Dutch learning classes, a trip in Leuven, a picnic, a cultural event and many more. Just visit their website for the dates, the programme and more information.

With such background we can make you fly. In a fully private, tailor made training we can make you put it all in practice. You’ll use the Dutch language yourself and you’ll have the feeling that it is not that hard to start using Dutch actively.

Just contact us to find out more. We’ll offer you the first half an hour of preliminary training completely for FREE. This way we can check your learning needs together and make a programme that makes your Dutch learning in the summer a success.

We wish you a very nice summer time!


Dutch Language Classes - summer greetings

Dutch Language Classes – summer greetings