Perfect Dutch writing for motivation letters

When you are an expat in Flanders looking for a job you’ll have to perfection your Dutch writing to make impressive motivation letters. Dutch Language Classes can help you with this.

For many years we have been training expats to improve their Dutch to multiply their options in Flanders. A question we get a lot is “how do I make a good and effective motivation letter?”.

The answer is actually very simple: Write your motivation letter in Dutch, do it without mistakes and you will increase it’s effectivity enormously.

This seems pretty simple but we’ll explain why it is that important.

Why would you write the letter in Dutch?
We admit there are many big companies in Flanders that use English almost all the time. But the company itself (or the specific branch you’re applying for) is still based in Flanders. And when they are recruiting people they also look for nice colleagues that will fit in their team. One of the ways to show that to the recruiter is by showing him that you speak the language of their staff. So you will have to do this in Dutch.
Don’t wait until the interview to show your Dutch skills. Recruiters only ask a few people for an interview. The biggest selection is made earlier, by scanning application letters. It is a process which only lasts a few seconds. And when Ahmed from Teheran applies for an engineering job in a Flanders based company and writes the letter in Dutch he stands out. He will be remembered longer and makes more chance to be invited. It is actually applying just a little human psychology.

Why does the Dutch writing in your motivation letter have to be perfect?
This question might seem to be redundant but the truth is that 80% of all letters are not perfect. Even among educated or literate people a lot of them make basic mistakes against spelling or grammar rules. For training purposes we collected examples, have articles from respected newspapers and twitter feeds from politicians. We even have letters from notaries of the public all mistaking against the rule about -t or -dt in the end of the verb. As a grammar exercise we sometimes ask our students to find the mistakes and correct them but now we just want to illustrate that a lot of people make mistakes in this. Whether they do this by carelessness or by ignorance doesn’t really matter it will disqualify the writer of the text and he will not be invited for an interview.

In order to write a good and effective motivation letter write the letter in correct Dutch. Doing this will already put you in a top group of applicants and will increase your options to be invited greatly.

Of course the content of the letter matters too and we are always willing to help you to make the perfect Dutch letter to get the job you’re aiming for. It is one of the skills we train in our writing Dutch trainings.

Are you interested to take a Dutch course that improves your Dutch language and your options in Flanders too? Just contact us and we’ll offer you a FREE half an hour of preliminary training to test this yourself.

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