Professional language trainings

In Flanders a lot of companies, even multinationals, use Dutch as their main language. This means that their staff doesn’t use Dutch only as the language at the coffee machine but meetings, presentations or even mails are done in it.
That’s why the Dutch of every day has sometimes to be further enforced by professional language trainings.

To help you with that we have developed a series of specific trainings about how to:

  • do phone calls in Dutch
  • do sales pitches in Dutch
  • do meetings in Dutch
  • give successful presentations in Dutch
  • do job interviews in Dutch

We will help you to obtain specific vocabulary, useful expressions or to understand differences in cultural background that will enable you to perform more easily. We help you to exercise your skills based on role play scenarios or even work with you to prepare for it.


“I strongly recommend this course to expats that need to improve their professional Dutch. It works!”
(Sona K. – see the testimonial)


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