Why a website in English?

This is a website about Dutch Language Classes. It might seem a little strange to have an English website about a Dutch language learning project.

We do this with a purpose. This website is mainly in English because we use it to inform you about what we do and how we do it. To be absolutely clear to everyone who can benefit from it we chose to make this website in the language that our clients will most probably know.
Since some of our potential clients perhaps don’t feel comfortable enough (yet) to read exclusively in Dutch, we made our website in English.

You will also notice that our blog articles are sometimes in English and sometimes in Dutch. Since the blog offers a lot of extra learning possibilities we assumed that it’s convenient to write this in Dutch. At this level, you’ll probably understand the texts without problems. The same counts for the testimonials. We ask people to write them in the language they feel the most comfortable in to express their opinion in the most nuanced way. This is different for everyone and it takes quite a high level to feel confident enough to write it in Dutch. We kept them in the language they were written to preserve their authenticity.


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