Writing Dutch for foreigners

Who works or lives in Flanders will soon come across documents in Dutch. Think about a phone bill, a renting contract or a pay check. Sometimes you will have to make a reply to them and, as you probably experienced already, writing Dutch for foreigners is not always easy.

It will perhaps start with short e-mails but later formal reactions, reports, or even preparations for presentations will follow.

You’ll find out that writing in Dutch is not only about knowing vocabulary and putting it in the right order, it is for a large part knowing how people in Flanders think like too.

We have all the experience to help you with this as well. From perfecting your written Dutch over handing you the most appropriate template to assisting you to make your written product as effective as possible, we will be at your side to coach you to make a written product that has the best effect for its goals.

Over the years, we build the experience to assist you to make:

  • Formal letters
  • Informative articles
  • Legal documents
  • Commercial documents
  • Job application letters and CVs

We’ll make sure that you’ll be able to write the most effective documents and feel comfortable while doing it.

“I am a law student and my mother tongue is Czech. To be able to write documents in Dutch I took some writing classes.
I understand now better the right meaning of the words. The structure of my language got better and I was able to distinguish small differences between similar formulations.
I improved a lot and I really appreciate, David does not just teach me but rather makes me understand the matter.”
(Linda V. – see the testimonial)


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